Golden Plum, Saison Spritz, Barrel Heart

Golden Plum, Saison Spritz, Barrel Heart

Barrel Heart

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Brewery: Barrel Heart

Style: Golden Plum Barrel-Aged Saison Spritz
Alcohol: 0.7%
Size: 750 ml

Origin: Cambridge, Ontario

From Barrel Heart : 

Made in the piquette tradition for workers in a winder, Golden Plum is a spritz that's been produced from a wash of pure reverse osmosis water on Twenty Valley plums that fermented with barrel-aged saison. We make this low-alchohol beer at just 0.7% as a refreshing beverage to drink while working in the brewery. 

Golden Plum has subtle nots of tart plum, sweet candy, and oaky vanilla derived from its parent saison, and coupled with a foamy head, spritzy carbonation and cleansing acidity. We reach for this when seeking the complex flavours of our house Brettanomyces with minimal alcohol.