Sainte Violette Wine Saison

Sainte Violette Wine Saison


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Adjuncts: Riesling & Cabernet Franc Grapes
Style: Mixed-Fermentation Saison
Alcohol: 6.1%
Size: 750 ml

Origin: Toronto, Ontario

From Burdock:

"Sainte Violette is a homage to our favourite grape: the ever spicy, ever juicy Cab Franc. Made with a sneaky Riesling component, this is our Cab Franc de Soif of Summer 2021 (from the 2020 vintage). Cabernet Franc truly rules our world. I know we’re not supposed to pick favourites, but we have to be honest with you, Cab Franc is the best grape. It’s the grape that in our humble opinion personifies the colour purple more than any other. Sainte Violette is the Coachella of Cabernet Franc - pure fun energy (is Coachella fun?). Made with mixed-fermentation saison that was aged on riesling lees (cool), then barrel aged in neutral oak barrels for 8 months, then racked on to 2 tonnes of destemmed Cab Franc skins for a 76 night stay in a stainless steel tote.
Expect notes of sun dried raspberries, blueberry pie ice cubes, and steaming wet wood chips (tasty tasty wood chips). Sainte Violette is exciting, vibrant, with punchy acidity (but it’s definitely not acetic or too sour), and drinks like a juicy sparkling red table wine (with jolly ranchers in it). Bottle conditioned for your microbubble enjoyment. Drink it now (it’s good to go!) or store it in a cool dark place for a sunny day by the lake."