Adora, 2020, Ontario

Adora, 2020, Ontario


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Cuvée: Adora
Vintage: 2020
Grape(s): Blaufränkish
Fermentation: Native, Skin
Appellation: N/A
Region, Country: Guelph, Ontario 
Alcohol: 11.2%
Size: 750 ml
Winemaker(s): Tariq of Revel Cider

Adora is Blaufränkish. Blaufränkish is delightful.

We'd never made Blaufrankish before this year and honestly, we had no idea what we were doing. Because harvest time is absolute insanity, we let this spontaneously ferment outside for 9 days on skins.

Despite the skin contact, it's remained light and soft. Don't age this, guzzle it quickly.

What's it like? Amongst ourselves, we're describing Adora as Blau Nouveau: bright and fruity-fresh with restrained tannins. Balaton cherries, overripe blackberries and Skor bars before 2002. Drink fresh + lightly chilled.