Nach, 2020, Czech Republic (1L!)

Nach, 2020, Czech Republic (1L!)

Milan Nestarec

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Grapes: Pinot Noir, Blaufrankisch, St. Laurent
Region: Moravia, Czech Republic
Average Age of Vines: 18 years

Soil: Sand
Harvest: By hand
Winemaking: Hand-selected and destemmed. Fermented on indigenous yeasts in large oak barrels, maceration on skins for several weeks. No SO2, unfiltered and unfined.
Elevage: 6 months in the original oak fermentation vessel
Winemaker(s): Milan Nestarec


Milan on this wine: “This wine embodies my unassuming Moravian roots: the light-bodied, fun juicy reds with good acidity that are truly at home here. I grew up with them, so it was sad to see that the (vain) pursuit of hefty Cabs, fake tannins and new oak became fashionable in Moravia as well. Nach is my tribute to the real Moravian reds, wines with lot of fruit and little alcohol so that you can drink heaps of them every day.