Coffee is, to us, so much more than caffeination.

It’s a window into regions to which we cannot always travel, and into the lives of people we cannot always meet.

It brings close what is physically distant: agriculture in Kenya or Honduras, roasters from Portland or Oslo.

It turns abstractions of science and theories of process into transcendent sensory experiences.

We believe that, through coffee, you can see the world

Join us as we expand the margins of our curiosity and widen the scope of our understanding.


Whiskey is a category with a rich and robust history that spans the globe: from Japan to Scotland, India to Kentucky, Sweden to Niagara Falls.

In each region, the production methods and distillers offer a glimpse into a world preserved in history. Ray Zwicker, our whiskey director, will guide you through the wide-range of regional and technical variation.

We offer tastings for those new to whiskey, for experts, and for everyone in between. Through structured tastings you’ll learn about distillers pushing convention and learn to hone your personal taste. Whiskey, we believe, is for everyone.

For more information on our whiskey tastings, including pricing, please email us at Whiskey tastings are typically for groups of ten or larger.


Each day the breadth and scope of the world of wine grows wider, and so each day we work harder to understand it.

Join us and share this remarkable category in the way it was meant to be: by drinking together. With guided tastings we’ll expand our sensory understanding of wine while also exploring the innovations of agriculture and the influences of climate and geography.

We will question convention and push for truth. Led by our wine directors, our wine tastings can be tailored to your wants: from stylistic introductions to regional particularities. By tasting widely, and tasting together, we hope to learn more about the world around us.  

For more information contact Gerardo at for parties of eight or larger.