Heresy Strawberry Guava Super Smoothie Sour

Heresy Strawberry Guava Super Smoothie Sour


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Style: Super Smoothie Sour
Adjuncts: Fresh Strawberry, Guava Puree, Lactose
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Alcohol: 7%
Size: 355ml

Brewed with wheat, oats and lactose sugar, soured with Lactobacillus and conditioned with hundreds of pounds of fresh strawberry and guava purée. Designed to be a hybrid of fruit smoothie and beer, it has an abundance of fresh tropical fruit juice character. Thick and full of actual fruit, but well balanced between sweet and sour.

Heresy contains loads of real fruit with has the potential to re-ferment and expand if left at room temperature. For this reason, keep these beers refrigerated at all times and enjoy them fresh!