Gelato Sour with Strawberry and Vanilla

Gelato Sour with Strawberry and Vanilla

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Style: Sour
Adjuncts: Strawberry puree, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans
Hops: Belma 
Origin: Kingston, Ontario
Alcohol: 5.4%
Size: 355 ml

From the Brewery:
Our vision for our Gelato Sour series is to make creamy, lightly soured, fruit-forward beers that are both thirst-quenching and as satisfying as gelato in the August sun.

The base of this beer was built with 2-row, Oat Malt, Wheat Malt and lactose, and then the wort was fermented with Escarpment Lab's Vermont Ale Yeast. We then added 308lbs of Strawberry Puree, Organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans, and Belma hops, which are known for their strawberry characteristics. The resulting beer is a little too easy to drink, with big strawberry flavours nurtured by a light undercurrent of vanilla. Strawberries are one of the first fruits available in Ontario, consider this a warm-up to the summer."