Italian Holiday, 3-pk

Italian Holiday, 3-pk

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Italian Holiday 3-pack

Our Boxcar Import feature, Vigneti Tardis' trio of incredible stunners from Campania, Italy. Unlike anything you've had before, this Sommelier meets winemaker label has energy and passion to last you all season.

What's in the box?

Fiano but make it elegant and electric. The colour of the sun in watercolours, this has a slight ra- almond and bitter-citrus quality that makes it easy to drink and great with food. 
An all-season rose/skin contact Aglianico wine with a dash of fiano. Uplifting but still savoury and mature, lots of bright strawberry, dried berries and slight tannic nature making this the ultimate fireside sipper.
Airy, euphoric but with depth, like if Aglianico grew up in France then became a sculptor in New York. It's bright and juicy with strong cherry profiles but escapes to memories of sweet berry candies from your corner store. 

* Detailed tasting notes and stories about where the wine comes from, in every package