Memento Earl Grey Mildbier

Memento Earl Grey Mildbier

Matron Fine Beer

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Type: Mild Ale
Region, Country: PEC, Ontario, Canada
Alcohol: 3.5%
Size: 335 ml

From Brewery:

"We packaged a special beer today, one that is near and dear to our hearts. This one has a bit of a back story so get cozy. Early in Justin's brewing career, one of the first creative projects bestowed upon him by the all-mighty-brewmaster at the time resulted in the union of earl grey tea bags and a cask of bitter some 10+ years ago at a brewpub in Ottawa. This first project inspired a mild ale he crafted (at a previous brewery), this second act showcased a heavier nod to specialty ingredients then is our taste now (i.e lactose and vanilla beans).

Inspired by these past creative endeavours, we'd like to introduce you to Memento Mildbier. This mild ale is a an anomaly to our usual line up of lagers, IPAs and farmhouse beers. We've approached it with our signature Matron philosophy of balance + local ingredients; Barn Owl's Munich malt makes up the base grain providing a rich depth of flavour, local Pleasant Valley hops kiss it with a delicate touch of herbaceous-citrusy fun. We worked with our pals at Number E Tea in Consecon (PEC), selecting an Earl Grey blend for a smooth, floral and citrusy tea infusion. We dubbed this brew "Memento" as it is really is a token of our past.

Legends never die!"