Mind Prism Galaxy DIPA

Mind Prism Galaxy DIPA


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Style: Double IPA
Hops: Galaxy
Size: 473 ml
ABV: 8.2%
Origin: Caledon, ON

From the brewery

"Mind Prism is dry hopped with one single lot of Galaxy and one single hop product type. We’ve been holding off on making this beer because we simply could not find a lot of Galaxy that we were excited to showcase on its own… until now.

When light hits a prism, it turns into a spectrum of colour. The light bends at various angles and each colour is refracted differently. Ever seen a rainbow? Of course you have. That’s a product of light refraction through prisms. What happens then when light enters the prism of the mind? Does it come out a rainbow? 

Mind Prism is our all Galaxy hopped double IPA. We taste big notes of peach, apricot, pineapple rainbows and candied tropical fruit."