Mü Pet Nat

Mü Pet Nat


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Style: Pet Nat Wine / Cider Hybrid
Origin: Guelph, Ontario
Alcohol: 9.2%
Size: 750mL

Mü is a microdose of alcohol and a macrodose of aroma. A co-fermentation of Muscat and Riesling, macerated on skins and bottled as one.

Some things are better together.

It was clear to us that each of these grapes could lift the other if we stopped trying to segregate them intellectually. They were asking to play together.

Mü is visually rosé but literally orange. It refuses to be defined.

What's it like? Watermelon candy and grapefruit pith. Hibiscus and mandarin orange. Tomato candies. Herbal bouquets. Bottled with a splash of apple juice for natural bubbles (pétillant naturel).

Herbal, orange Riesling mixes with floral, bitter Muscat to create something absolutely magical. The aroma is out-of-this-world juicy, but the grape tannins rein it in perfectly. This wine was an accident 3 years ago, but it's so good we've made it annually ever since.

Mü is consistently my favourite wine each year. It straddles the line of 'nerdy enough to discuss animatedly, but crushable enough to wonder where the bottle went after 30 minutes.'