Nonesuch Fieldbier

Nonesuch Fieldbier

Matron Fine Beer

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Style: Saison
Ajuncts: Pinot Noir skins
Region, Country: PEC, Ontario, Canada
Alcohol: 4%
Size: 335 ml

A small farmhouse ale aged pinot noir skins from Stanners Winery, think saison meets a piquette. Lots of berry and orchard fruit notes, a quenching juiciness with a lovely dry finish. It’s a nice time.

Our Nonesuch series has quickly become a fan favourite. Each version features a different grape from one of the beautiful local wineries we're lucky and thankful to call neighbours. We always work with second use grapes, Ontario fruit is precious and we don't want to take away from the incredible wine being made.

Nonesuch is always brewed in limited quantity, its never around for long and can only be made when wineries have grapes available for us... so we can't say when it will be back. Don't sleep on it or you'll miss out.