Glou Glou: Orange Barrel Aged Golden Sour

Glou Glou: Orange Barrel Aged Golden Sour


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Style: Chardonnay Barrel Aged Golden Sour
Adjuncts: Chardonnay
Origin: Cambridge, Ontario
Alcohol: 7.5%
Size: 500ml

Glou Glou: Orange is a blended Chardonnay barrel aged brett saison on orange wine skins from Trail Estate.

What is Orange wine? Think of it as What rose is to red, white is to orange. Long skin contact result in a deeper richer flavour. This blend consistent of 4 barrels. One golden sour that had big white wine vibes, two imperial saisons that were stone fruit heavy and one turbid mashed session saison that had a lovely body and vinous nose. After 6 months on fruit and 4 months this beer is finally ready.

Juicy peaches and baked pineapple on the nose. The palate is a melody of over ripe stone fruit, candied citrus and subtle white peppercorns. Acidity is low but pronounced enough to make fruit notes pop.