Nino, NV, Georgia

Nino, NV, Georgia

Ori Marani

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Cuvée: Nino
Vintage: NV
Grape(s): Tsistka, Chinuri, Goruli Mstvane
Fermentation: Traditional
Terroirs: Rupoti (Imereti), Ateni and Lamiskana (Kartli)
Region, Country: Igoeti, Georgia
Alcohol: 13.5%
Size: 750 ml

A non vintage (NV) sparkling wine made in the Traditional Method used in Champagne, France. Where as a vintage wine highlights the differences and similarities between each year, a NV wine is meant to recreate the same style and profile every year. To do so, a reserve wine program using a "reserve perpetuelle" was created at the inception of Ori Marani. This reserve wine is kept in Qvevri. 

The precise blend changes every year in order to achieve Nino's stylistic profile. However, Tsitka, Chinuri and Goruli Mstvane and a maximum of 15% reserve wine will be part of the final blend. 

Nino is a Brut Nature, which means that at disgorgement zero sugar was added in order to keep the purity of the wine.