Piquette, 2020, Ontario

Piquette, 2020, Ontario


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Region: Ontario
Grape: Sauvignon Blanc

Soil type: Silty clay & clam loam over red sandstone bedrock
Harvest: By hand
Winemaking: Spontaneous fermentation Sauvignon Blanc Skins
Ageing: Secondary fermentation in bottle
Winemaker(s): Yvonne Irvine

Not actually a wine, this beverage is made by adding water and a small amount of sugar to freshly pressed Sauvignon Blanc grape skins. Grape skins are full of aroma and flavour compounds, and this Piquette truly shows it. Allowed to ferment with wild yeasts and bottled just as fermentation was ending to create a light spritz. A zesty nose full of grapefruit and orange with fresh herbal notes. At only 5.5%, this Piquette is extremely crushable!

Maenads, the female followers of Dionysus were known for their “wild” behaviour, defying the expected role of women. Our creations follow their muse: crafty, non-conformist, interesting and wildly delicious.

Winemaker Yvonne Irvine co-owns Maenad Wine Co. with her husband James Wallace. It’s a project to make some interesting wines on our own terms. The brand is made to celebrate women - as they are, completely unfined and unfiltered.