Piquette, NV, Guelph

Piquette, NV, Guelph


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Cuvée: Sauvignon Blanc Piquette
Vintage: NV
Grape(s): Sauvignon Blanc
Fermentation: Native, Skin
Appellation: N/A
Region, Country: Guelph, Ontario 
Alcohol: 4.9%
Size: 750 ml
Winemaker(s): Tariq of Revel Cider

Our Sauvignon Blanc Piquette is made by ageing mineral-rich Guelph water on Sauvignon Blanc skins for just over 24 hours.

18% of this blend is Sauvignon Blanc we added to build out body and aroma.

What's it like?: This bottle is mega tropical. Big on lychee and passionfruit - but also like wild berries on bouncy cotton candy.