Raven Meets Wolfe Lager

Raven Meets Wolfe Lager

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Style: Lager
Hops: Crystal
Origin: Kingston, Ontario
Alcohol: 4.3%
Size: 355ml

When we discovered that hops were being grown on Wolfe Island we were excited, to say the least. Wolfe Island Hopyards' first harvest fortuitously coincided with our launch and we've been plotting an appropriate brew throughout the winter months. We decided to first use their Crystal Hops, which are delightfully fragrant and woodsy, with an underlying traditional earthy noble hop quality. They speak to the terroir of Wolfe Island which, to quote the grower, is "a very unique combination of limestone bedrock, acidic reacting clay gravel soils, water sourced from the entire Great Lakes, and wind that seldom stops blowing. Leading to profiles completely unique".

Then the Raven came. Raven Trading is based out of the eastern Czech Republic. They specialize in pale malts intended for lagers. We utilized their floor-malted pilsner along with their wheat malt in this brew. We've never seen a bag of malt so thoroughly clean and uniform. 

The resulting beer is a clean 4.3% ABV lightly-dry-hopepd modern lager with the bright summer wind of Wolfe Island in the finnish.