Sakoku American Stout

Sakoku American Stout


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Size: 355 ml
Style: American Stout
Alcohol: 6.9%
Origin: Toronto, Ontario

Sakoku鎖国 (meaning: "closed country") refers to the 215 year period of complete Japanese economic and cultural isolation starting in the 17th century. Although there's quite a wide gulf between today's brand of social isolation and that of the Japanese at that time, we take solace in the fact that a period of openness is just on the horizon once again. At least one can hope...

This American Stout (6.9% abv) pours pitch black with a tantalizing coffee crema foam cap. The nose features notes of light roasted coffee, pine, and dark chocolate. An initial hit of bitterness gives way to a brownie batter like character, with a dose of chocolate covered almond. and pine. Expect a dry, but pleasant finish that invites further exploration.