Colombia Elvia Gomez, Honey Caturra

Colombia Elvia Gomez, Honey Caturra

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  • Aromatics: guava, candy
  • Acidity: malic, juicy
  • Sweetness: cane sugar
  • Producer: Elvia Gomez
  • Altitude: 7217 ft
  • Varieties: Caturra

    Although the majority of coffees we buy from Colombia are wash processed lots, there is an ever increasing selection of alternatively processed coffees (like honey, anaerobic, natural) coming out of Colombia. We've often shied away from honeyed processed lots in particular.  Much can go wrong while drying the coffee with the fruity mucilage layer still intact, which can lead to a lack of uniformity and weird flavor notes.  But this honeyed lot, produced by Elvia (and her husband Hector), is a wonderful example of how good honeyed coffee can be when done right.  The aromatics are candy sweet with hints of guava and chocolate. The guava carries over into the cup as well and is accompanied by notes of white grape, and fresh raspberries. Delish.

    Elvia's husband is responsible for managing the harvests and wet-milling on their farm, Finca La Veranera, high in the Nariño department of Colombia. But Elvia's passion for excellent coffee has led her to be in charge of quality - and it clearly shows. We are delighted to share this gem with you!

    Besides being responsible for quality control, Elvia can be found making homemade empanadas and beer, which she then sells in town.  As if their beautiful coffee was not enough, this pretty much puts La Veranera on high priority for must visit farms whenever we are able to travel again.