Ecuador Familia Morales, Washed Field Blend

Ecuador Familia Morales, Washed Field Blend

Sweet Bloom

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  • Aromatics: floral, cherry
  • Acidity: malic
  • Sweetness: caramel
  • Producer: The Morales Family
  • Altitude: 4757 ft
  • Varieties: typica, cidra, bourbon, caturra

Finca Cruz, the Morales family farm, is currently being managed by Galo and Grace, a brother and sister team. It was their grandfather who first named the farm Cruz - because the two paths that led to the farm intersected and formed a cross which you could see from afar. 

After working as a quality coordinator in Ecuador with Caravela (the importer we worked with to bring in this coffee), Galo decided to return to his family roots in growing coffee and took over management of Finca Cruz with Grace. Together they are experimenting with various processing methods.  We are super excited to be able to offer you two differently processed coffees from their farm at the same time - one washed, one honeyed! 

This particular lot is washed, and shines with notes of rainier cherry, apple and a sweet caramel finish.  Clean and crisp and satisfying!  Want a more intense fruit forward version? Then we'd recommend trying the honeyed process lot. Or, better yet, try both and experience how coffee processing impacts the flavor of coffee - they are both delicious!