Boxcar Imports Presents: Flat Brim

“Soif, American Style”
Flat Brim Wines is an urban winery in Portland, Oregon. Utilizing minimal intervention techniques and working with sustainable vineyards, they produce enjoyably bright wines to share with friends at dinner parties, on rooftops or front porches.

Ian Atkins began his journey into wine through owning a restaurant. He and his wife lived in El Paso for 10 years prior to moving to Portland. Ian started his adult life in the Army and was stationed in El Paso. When he went overseas for over a year, his wife and her brother decided to open a restaurant and by the time his initial service was up the restaurant had become fairly successful. Ian then left the Army and went into business with his wife, eventually opening two more restaurants and learning about wine in the process. After learning the methods utilized by some of his favorite wineries like Salinia, Breton and Ridge, he knew he wanted to make wine and decided to relocate. They decided on Portland because it sits in the middle of so many amazing wine regions and this choice has ultimately been the right one.
They source fruit from sustainable vineyards in Eastern Washington’s Columbia Valley, the breathtaking Columbia Gorge, the world renowned Willamette Valley and the hidden gem that is Southern Oregon.

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