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We believe that coffee, wine, and beer are more similar than they appear, and we've spent every year we've been open trying to find the most interesting offerings from each category.


By actively selecting coffees from the top roasters in the world, we aim to share a menu that expresses how quality of production and individuality of place can create amazing sensory experiences.

While the anchor of our coffee program is Subtext Coffee Roasters, our list rotates regularly; by building upheaval into our philosophy we reflect the seasonality of the fruiting coffee plant, and continuously challenge ourselves to select the most exciting line-up possible.

In the rapidly evolving world of specialty coffee, we work tirelessly to bring in coffee that best represents the region it’s from, its producers, and the roasters who develop it.

Each coffee tells a story; we're incredibly proud to become part of it by sharing those stories with you.


Great wine tells a story. It expresses the climate and physical geography of its region, and the philosophy of its winemaker.

Our wine program is based on a very simple credo: offer a rotating selection of exciting wine from around the world that best tells that story. We focus on natural and biodynamic wines that align conceptually with this vision and aren’t masked by additives.

Through constant tasting we’re always seeking discovery, and regular rotation keeps our lists fresh and timely.


To us, beer is a particularly fascinating opportunity.

Over the past decade, a world-class craft beer community has developed in Canada, spurred by a culture of creativity and risk-taking. We aim to represent that excitement.

To do this, we focus on local product, specifically breweries that test the limits of what we think we know about beer. With rotating draught beer selections and an expansive collection of cans and bottles, we’re set up to reflect the near-constant innovation in the world of beer.