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It was all but inevitable that, at some point, we'd begin roasting coffee. You can only get so close to understanding a product before immersing yourself in it completely.

Subtext Coffee Roasters is a project with a simple roast philosophy: maximize flavour complexity and balance while bringing out as many origin characteristics as possible.

Our Philosopy

Our aim is to push the boudaries of coffee quality.

It may sound lofty, but so much of our work is simply making visible what is already there: an incredible world of biodiversity and people tending to land, craft, and community.

Quality for us is a direct connection to agriculture; an acknowledgment of seasonality, of micro-regionality, and of the human labour behind each picked and processed coffee cherry. That's what coffee is. 

This is why we don't blend coffee; it's why we don't rename coffees; and it's why we don't roast our coffee dark.

Excessive caramelization does a decent job of hiding defects in low quality coffee, but this isn't necessary with higher quality coffee. When raw coffee quality is high, the result is sweet, vibrant, and stunningly complex, aromatic cups.

So much of what we do as a roastery can modulate the quality of great coffee, but nothing we do can create quality that doesn't already exist.  

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