Boxcar Imports Presents: Pinuaga

In 1960, Valentin Pinuaga Salazar founded Bodegas Pinuaga near Toledo, Spain, just over one hour south of Madrid. The original winery was sold after Salazar’s death in 1972, but the vineyards remained in the family, producing grapes for other private wineries. In 2003, Salazar’s son, Valentin Pinuaga Portillo, and granddaughter, Esther, built a new winery and have developed Bodegas Pinaga’s wines to express the diversity of the soils in their home province. With great respect for their land and vineyards, they carry on the family’s 60-year tradition of practising organic wine growing and wine production with minimal intervention, making wines that honestly represent their terroir. 

This release is exclusive to Boxcar Bottles & Boxcar Wine Club. Quantities are limited.